A unique and innovative project to grow wasabi in Israel.
We are the first and currently the only ones that grow wasabi in Israel
The wasabi is a rare plant and considered very difficult to grow, our greenhouses are located in the north of the country at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level.

For the success of the project we invested all the resources that Israel has to offer: technology, advanced agronomic knowledge, thinking outside the box and a lot of sunshine.

For the past four years we have been growing and supplying fresh wasabi products to the local market, and soon also for the international market in the pursuit of providing fresh wasabi of the highest quality and throughout the year.

Our Products

Wasabi Root

The wasabi root (rhizome) is the part of the plant from which the green paste is extracted by grinding the root on a special grater

Shelf life:
about 30 days in the refrigerator.

25 grams up to about 180 grams per unit

by grinding the root on the grater, the flavors are extracted sharply after about a minute of grinding, the flavors stabilize, at first we will feel sweetness and after a few moments that alternates with an intense sensation of spiciness that rises from the mouth to the nose and immediately passes, leaving flavors that are slightly reminiscent of cabbage but unique to the wasabi root.

Wasabi is an impressive addition to every dish, its unique flavours Upgrade every meal to a culinary experience.
It goes along fabulously with fish, meat, sauces, salads, sushi, different purees , sandwiches, cocktails, desserts and much more

The Wasabi Flowers

Tiny white flowers on a hollow stem and small heart-shaped leaves

about 10 pieces per package

Shelf life:
about 4 days refrigerated

Flowering time:

pickling, salads, sauces, decoration, cocktails, tempura and more.

Wasabi Leaf

The wasabi leaves
are heart-shaped
on a stem of about 10-15 cm

10 leaves with
a diameter of 12-20 cm

Shelf life:
about 10 days refrigerated

stuffing, tempura, salad, oil, sushi, serving decoration, pickling, spreads, sauces, oils, etc.

Mini Wasabi Leaf

The mini wasabi leaves are heart-shaped
on a stem of about 10-15 cm

Shelf life:
about 10 days refrigerated

12 leaves with
a diameter of 7-12 cm
(depending on the season)

stuffing, tempura, salad, oil, sushi, serving decoration, pickling, spreads, sauces, oils, etc.


The grater we will use to produce the paste has a direct effect on the flavors we can extract from the root.

The type of grater will affect the intensity of the spiciness and/or sweetness of the paste and the balance between them
You can purchase different types of graters in different sizes through us:

Shark Skin Grater
A grater made of shark skin, the traditional and classic grater in Japan.
Comes in several sizes

Ghana Zama
A stainless steel patent grater from Japan designed to replace shark skin
The grater is easy to maintain, very durable and especially does a great job producing a very thin paste.

Stainless steel grader
Easy to use, small and/or large teeth design

To purchase through us, you are welcome to contact us and get more details about the stock and the price



Take the wasabi out of the package.


When using for the first time, peel the stems with your hands.


Peel with a sharp knife or a peeler from the top of the growth to the point that you want to grate.


Grind the wasabi root with the grater in a circular motion until a puree is formed.


Wait about a minute and serve fresh.

 To keep the root fresh, it must be transferred to a plastic box on top of a paper towel. The paper towel is recommended to be changed from time to time to prevent the accumulation of moisture in the box.
It is recommended to serve immediately after grinding the root because after 10 minutes the taste evaporates almost completely.
To avoid unnecessary waste, peel only the part you want to use.
The root should be kept refrigerated.



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19.12.22 Ronit Vared


27.06.20 Reut Sahar


13.5.24 איתן לשם

Our story

The idea of growing wasabi started as a random idea and turned into an obsession, The process was long and difficult, and sometimes very frustrating.

We were the first to successfully grow wasabi in Israel, on a commercial farm, which until a few years ago was considered an impossible task.

Since we started growing wasabi, we have been surprised time and time again by the amazing qualities of the plant, it’s health benefits and the variety of it’s uses.

Wasabi is considered to be one of the most difficult crops in the world because it is very sensitive to environmental conditions and especially to heat.

In Japan it is usually grown at an altitude of 700-900 meters and in very wet soil and only by using snowmelt water at a temperature of between 12-15 degrees Celsius Most producers outside of Japan grow wasabi in similar to its conditions to the country of origin, that is, near a water source and in wet soil.

In our case , the story is completely different, since we do not have the ideal condition for growing wasabi, we were required to develop a method that would allow the plant to be grown in Israel’s harsh weather conditions.

We invest a lot in the development of the Plant breeding protocol, producing efficient methods, Locating and importing new varieties With the aim of growing a product of the best quality and being a worthy competition to other producers in the world.

The growing period is very long, about 18 months from planting to harvisting the root.
additionally the harvesting and cleaning proses is very time consuming and labor intense, because it’s all done manually

Our greenhouses are located in the north of the country at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, in an area where the climate is relatively Moderate, which allows us to grow the wasabi products throughout the year and of the highest quality.

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